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It was a good photo of her, the weekend that her, my sister and I spent in San Diego.She hugged my sister and I close in the photo, both of them in floral bikinis, it was hard to tell who wore them better.Weeks passed, and eventually the time came when I could take a long weekend off from work and thankfully, she was able to drive down to see me.I got up early Saturday morning and spent most of my day with the window open, trying to rid my room of the copious smell of marijuana. Give me a one-on-one conversation at a bar, or even over coffee." "Well tomorrow my sister's in town for the last night before she goes back to San Diego, so we're all gonna get together and do something.

And on Monday's episode, Sarge had even more reason to be concerned after learning about the size of Johnny's VERY impressive manhood.

And in a mature relationship there has to be trust or there can't be anything.

And we went to counseling sessions and we read books, but in the end it didn't matter.

"'They're sleeping together in a bed right now together. 'He continued: 'I just don't think it's fair that we've been very respectful in our friendship and they've decided to sleep together.'Becoming emotional, Sarge said: 'My heart's broken and my head's telling me I never want to see her again.'Tracey sat by and said nothing, but her silence said more than words ever could. 'He then explained that there was a pillow wall between himself and Stacey, and the pair agreed to disagree.

Sarge and Johnny later clashed during a dinner party for all the experimental husbands.'You've been sleeping in the same bed with my partner,' said Sarge.'And you made it clear that you didn't want some guy pitching a tent, getting a boner while he's sleeping in the same bed as your misses.'He added: 'You're sleeping in the same bed as my partner, pitching a tent every night!

"It means a lot to me that you would say that." "Well it's true.

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