Shanghai dating men for men


So from what I can tell, relationships are considered a very serious thing and a pathway to marriage for more traditional-minded Chinese.Due to the lack of dating experience, and the fact that many live at home with parents well into adulthood, a lot of young Chinese women come off as childish to Western guys.I also don’t mean to suggest that Chinese women should force themselves to adapt to what a Western guy wants.

As more Westerners become fluent in Chinese and learn more of Chinese culture that could certainly change. But as they get older they might grow into the type of women that is more likely to be a solid partner for a Western guy. And of course there are plenty of Western-Chinese couples here that are successful long-term.I also want to add that I don’t think any of the cultural norms for either side are right or wrong – I’m only trying to comment on the situation as I see it.And she is difficult to find, at least among the under 30 age group in Shanghai!That previous point about the language barrier is important too.First off I just want to be clear that I’m not writing about all guys and girls in Shanghai.

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