Sheree whitfield dating


She's also pursuing her new passion for her acting career and dating.

Whitfield spoke to about her date with the infamous (some say fraudulent) Dr. Are you dating anyone else special off-camera? I haven't found anybody that I want settle down with yet, but I'm having fun. You call yourself a Black woman in a White woman's body. WHITFIELD: [laughs] I only dance in front of my family. Tiy-E took me dancing on our first date I was a little intimidated, but I had a good time. You also seemed surprised when Lawrence told you that Phaedra's husband Apollo had been in prison. WHITFIELD: I didn't know Apollo, and hadn't met him prior to that episode. Now it's something that I really want to learn to do.

She continued to stir up the drama throughout other scenes as well, even discussing her husband Gregg’s health scare “He’s sleeping with other women,” Moore alleged.

Sheree Whitfield is also dabbling in dating again, as she takes a call from an inmate at a federal prison (rumored to be her boyfriend.) Leakes later tells the other women that he’s a “con artist.” “I hope he don’t con her out of Chateau Sheree ! Bailey and Moore later formed an alliance that shook the women’s group to the core.

Ne Ne even dubs her “a bad friend.”Kim also appears to have concerns for Ne Ne and how much she’s drinking -- and has a blowout fight with Kenya, bigger than their Chateau Sheree showdown in last season’s finale.Tiy-E Muhammad and by the next day people were accusing him of being a fraud. WHITFIELD: Well, all of that plays out on the show so I can't really say.But I thought it was very interesting how the next day I got tons of calls and texts and emails about Dr. Will you be going out on any more dates with him on the show? I wish I could tell you more but you just have to tune in.“Let’s play a game,” cast friend Marlo Hampton tells the group. ”Cynthia Bailey’s budding -- and apparently controversial -- romance will also be chronicled, but her ex, Peter Thomas, isn’t totally out of the picture.In fact, he tells the other ladies’ husbands, “Cynthia and I will get back together.”Sheree Whitfield also has a new love interest -- an incarcerated man! Catch up on last season’s drama in the video below.As you know, the construction of the home came to a complete halt soon afterwards and while most think it’s because Sheree was fired, there’s further evidence that it was actually due to the fact that her money source (i.e.

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