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Welcome to my humble abode..can find me on LJ too kitteninthesky I don't usually do much fanfic work there though... but he can't seem to shake off a certain blond nuisance, who may not be all he claims to be. a human with dark hair and red eyes named Kurogane. Kurogane and Fai are invited to Syaoran, Sakura and Watanuki's birthday party. Unfortunately life will never be normal for the Winchesters. Missouri couldn't tear her eyes from the younger Winchester, not even when Sam's eyes welled and tears flooded down his cheeks. Then his partner came back and I recognised him as my current boyfriend. Kurox Fai He's been two timed by angels of all fricken people, hell is spilling out of a cracked floor in Maryland, Castiel is probably a POW by now, and Sam's…Sam's not ok. R/Sor, The Importance of Pie—A series of glimpses into Thanksgivings the Winchesters have experienced, pre-series through season 4. It soon turned out I wasn’t only a dog or a toy I was- Haruhix Twins Twincest, yaoi! He starts to see himself through Sam's younger eyes, though, and doesn't like who he is. Draco can't let Harry die, no matter what it takes. The old adage says that there are three sides to every story- yours, mine, and the truth. Kurogane and Fai have landed teaching jobs in this new world as they search for the feather. 1993-1994: Twelve years have passed and Remus still cannot forget, nor is he any closer to understanding why Sirius betrayed his friends and the man he loved. But when he comes to Hogwarts looking for Harry and Peter, he finds Remus, the man who could break his heart or save his life. That had been three and a half weeks ago to the day. [slash]Harry Potter is ill, no matter how much he tries to deny it, and it isn’t magic that’s making him feel this sick.

I have yet to figure out how to navigate and find stuff on that website. News: Not really posting anything new, just reading fanfiction."There are no problems in this world, only challenges.""People are going to do whatever they want in this world. Kurogane has always been loyal to his master, Fei Wong Reed. They gladly attend...until they realize that some people on the guest list may be more trouble than they're worth, but maybe an interesting party game will make it better? Sam is back but he wants his brother to live a normal life. Hikaru finally agrees to let Kyouya take Kaoru for the first time. COMPLETE: Harry has come into a magical inheritance but he doesn’t realize it. Each chapter is a one-shot for a different holiday. NO LEMONSHe's straight' 'How do you know' 'Isn't it obvious' he mumbled.'No. Harry, mild BDSM, Rimming, Humiliation, sort of a PWP. Lyrics by Beatle Harry defeated Voldemort, but was hit with a dark curse from Lucius and slips into a coma. This is the story of a Drarry from three points of view. The ending is fluffier than a fluffer-nutter sandwich. Kurogane remembers an old story his mother used to tell him. oneshot It's the day before Harry's 17th Birthday and Fred and George decide to show Harry the tradition of the Weasley brothers. A mysterious little boy named Harry moves in next door to Draco Malfoy, and he's determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. Right smack in the middle of a stormy divorce from Ginny, Harry has no reason to be attracted to his Arguer, Draco Malfoy. COMPLETEKurogane is followed by a stray puppy as he wanders through town who he eventually befriends as he reflects on his journey and companions. They find out the hard way that teaching is tougher than they thought. so their friends team up and trap Harry in his animagus form and 'give' him to Draco. Now Sirius has escaped from prison, and Remus has come back to Hogwarts looking for answers. Draco Malfoy, acclaimed Slytherin opportunist, decides to take advantage of the circumstances. Draco swore revenge on Harry for Lucius's imprisonment, and for once, he keeps his promise. Harry sat crosslegged, arms wrapped around his body, on the frozen ground and seemed oblivious to the storm that raged about him. SLASH - HPSS - snarry goodness - [Second Part Up] Harry wakes up with sticky PJs and decides to go for a nighttime stroll while his sheets dry, a certain someone finds him and wants to confiscate the cloak under which Harry is stark, bollocky naked…tag to season 6 ep. My thinking on how Sam remains faithful and puts the past where it belongs in Season 5.

It's a solid system for genre emulation, lots of neat narrative rules for making your character matter and a significant amount of content and subsystems you can plug in for various themes and settings.

I understand that no one really bothers to read theses unless they're interesting and this isn't caz I'm rambling but oh well. Dean's family is killed by a demon and is trained as a hunter. " When Syaoran balied them out, he didn't really consider what they'd done... T to be safe, mostly 'cause of cursing A segregation was established four years ago between wolves and magic users. Will memories of Harry haunt him there, or will it be Harry himself Post 3x10: Da LDo M - "Sixty miles out, and Dean still hadn't shoved in a cassette.

It's truly a titan of intricate auteur design; second only to Dwarf Fortress in that sense51329387Autistic fantasy god powertrip Turn based strategy game, customized to your personal divine specifications of form, domain and power, with a myriad of factions and tech trees, random map generation, multiplayer with more than twenty people at once (though this might become a turn per week affair via play by email), and perform such bizarre feats of spellcraft as imbuing a magical lion with sapience and stapling a robot arm to it so it can wield a magical axe, conjuring horrors from other dimensions that spread insanity and mayhem, and accidentally turning your Godhead avatar into a small dog, all delivered in charmingly simple sprite graphics with a constant sense of the familiar and the strange ever juxtaposed.

Hey /tg/ Im trying to make my own homebrew class for D&D 5e that is something like a monk but they focus on using heavy armor and two handed weapons instead, I could use some help coming up with some features and archetypes, any ideas?

Strangely though I'm more out going than my oldest and bestest friend. Papa Erik and Daddy Charles decide to take on the newest generation of mutants within the area, all orphaned and in need of foster care, and later, adoption. Kurogane is determined to see him lively again, but how can he get through without words?

I understand that Scissors can beat Paper, and I get how Rock can beat Scissors, but there's no way Paper can beat Rock. Why aren't sheets of college ruled notebook paper constantly suffocating students as they attempt to take notes in class?

I am running a game with a Solar Dragon, Raccoon Post Apoc Gadgeteer, steampunk squire, and a psychotic psionic in a multi dimensional threat sorta superhero esque game. It's good at what it does but by this point it's not particularly impressive.

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