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The area around River Road in the Central Business District (CBD), even back then, was a dangerous place, and businessmen with cars looking for Watembezi pioneered the “Pick and Drop” culture of modern day Koinange Street.

The pick-up would be done along Government Road – now Moi Avenue.

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But, thanks to the internet, more and more Kenyan prostitutes are giving up their spots on the sides of the streets for a more lucrative business online.

But in 1922, after the colonial government imposed a curfew from 6pm to 6am to curb crime, most Watembezi turned to Malaya prostitution, as they could not operate after dark.

It seems to have been a lucrative business, as women from agricultural districts surrounding Nairobi came to the city in droves in the late 1920s to sell their produce but, after a while, stopped going back home because of the money they made from prostitution.

Then, around 11pm, they are replaced by prostitutes hiding in the shadows.

In the dark of the night, they engage in running battles with police who are intent on bringing prostitution to an end.

During that era, there were two types of prostitutes: Watembezi and Malaya.

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