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However, if your security software has automatically updated itself, you will be saved from any false alerts about this Windows file .Also upon updating, one must need to clear the alerts from consoles.I'd like to know when the clients last successfully received an update but the control panel just shows "Updating: failed" and the update log (alc.log) only gives one day of logs. To rectify the problem you can either try to redeploy the software from the Sophos Enterprise Console, or on the client run the installer from the Sophos network share.

Ever since than i have been following Microsoft developments from close quarters and love writing about it.A very small number of users running this specific 32-bit version of Windows 7 SP1 may have required an additional procedure to be able to log on to an affected computer. For some computers running 32-bit Windows 7 SP1, users may even see a black screen on attempting to log in after furnishing their credentials.If you are facing this error in Windows 7 SP1 you need to follow some specific procedures in order to resolve the problem that of being falsely detected in the system. This problem is exclusive to users who attempted a log in before the program was patched.Said Sophos, On September 4, 2016, Sophos experienced a fault in one of our endpoint protection verification systems and incorrectly identified a known good file as malware on a specific version of 32-bit Windows 7 SP1.Sophos issued a fix that corrected the problem within hours.Eagerly waiting for the time when Windows Phone will be the most preferred OS in the World.

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