Sophos updating policy schedule dns slave not updating


This is because Sophos releases the software over a number of days, but publishes the release notes on the first day.Sophos installs components required for features that aren’t available in your license or that aren’t currently enabled in your Sophos Central policies.The ability to enumerate the number of endpoints infected with a specific piece of malware will provide IS&T with the ability to act (if warranted) to help better protect the community.IS&T respects the privacy of its users and guards electronic data accordingly.IS&T has listed all of the information transmitted from the Sophos client to the Sophos Management Console below.

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This is because Sophos releases the software over a number of days, but publishes the release notes on the first day. Sophos never forces this restart and there is no impact on protection or threat detection updates during the period before the restart.

The update frequency is configured in Sophos Enterprise Console ( Sophos Endpoint Security and Control for Windows Server is supported on Windows 2003, 2003 R. It is now possible to automatically migrate a computer managed by Sophos Enterprise Console or Sophos Control Center to be managed by Sophos Central.

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For known migration issues, see the issues for Sophos Cloud agent installer in Known issues and limitations. Sophos and Sophos Anti-Virus are registered trademarks of Sophos Limited and Sophos Group.

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By collecting this information, IS&T can accurately determine the impact of such an event on our community and act accordingly.

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