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To be taught the ideas and traditions, you certainly must have a mother and or grandmother who are a true southern lady and in my case I had both!

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Certainly we have some of these in our family history!

These values made me the Southern Lady and Belle I am today and are part of my heritage.

Coming from a respectable family that has financial means is a must to be considered a southern belle- not a southern lady. Some true southern ladies never came from social prominence and their families had very little money.

If financially able, you hire a maid to help." These rules if you will, define roles, which makes a more organized family and household.

Further, my mother added, "The women should know how to cook meals from scratch, not quick box meals." I am the only person under the age of 55 in my family that can make homemade bread/desserts and can vegetables and fruit.

If at all possible, the mother needs to be home to raise the small children.

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