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Bolsta admirably performed extensive research attempting to pin down the sources for the quotations in his book. Remember that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away! The above citation was uncovered by the author Phil Bolsta who was writing a book which included a large number of quotations.(Google Groups Search; Accessed Decembers 17, 2013)" id="return-note-7850-7" href="#note-7850-7" In 2005 the movie “Hitch” written Kevin Bisch and starring Will Smith was released.The title character was played by Smith, and he delivered the following line which was a very close variant of the saying: The interior of the cafe has been totally redone — new carpeting, a new paint scheme that has some walls buttercup yellow and others a bluish green, and framed inspirational sayings on the walls to get patrons thinking about what’s most important in life. Dear Quote Investigator: The following inspirational quotation has been attributed to a wide variety of people: I doubt that this was coined by George Carlin or Maya Angelou though I have seen those ascriptions. Quote Investigator: The earliest evidence known to QI appeared in 1989 in a book for dancers titled “Tahitian Choreographies” by Vicki Corona: Yes, there are so many grueling details and rehearsals to agonize over, but the dances and music of Tahiti add a happy, healthy dimension to our lives!

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In 597 Pope Gregory sent Augustine as a missionary from Rome to Canterbury where a church was established and run initially by secular canons, then Benedictine monks from the late Saxon period until 1540.Two further pre-Reformation monastic churches, which had survived as ordinary parish churches for 350 years, became cathedrals in the 19th and 20th centuries, as did the three medieval collegiate churches that retained their foundations for choral worship.While there are characteristics of each building that are distinctly English, these cathedrals are marked by their architectural diversity, both from one to another and also within each individual building.As cathedrals, each of these buildings serves as central church for an administrative region (or diocese) and houses the throne of a bishop (cathedra, from the Greek).Each cathedral also serves as a regional centre and a focus of regional pride and affection.Currently, Vicki Corona is the leading contender for originator, but she laudably admitted to some uncertainty.

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