Stop msn from updating


I guess if you can’t convince users to download and install your software the next best thing is to push it down their throats whether they like it or not. I decide to un-check the “Important Update” and forget about it.But to my (second) surprise, the WU notification from the traybar does not disappear as it normally does when you decide not to install an update.So I open the WU console and look at the details of the “Important Update” and to my surprise its not an update at all but rather a bunch of new software which I don’t really want in the first place nor have already installed on my machine, so it doesn’t need updating.

WU should only be used for updating software and drivers already on the machine, not for installing completely new software which the user didn’t ask for and which in some cases replaces non-Microsoft software chosen by the user and already installed on the machine.

One of my home machines is Windows 7 Enterprise x64.

A few days ago an interesting thing started happening.

The default on Windows Phone and W10M - note that automatic downloads/updates are turned ON...

Surely this is how a software system be set up, with updates pushed by developers and manufacturers, arriving, downloading and installing automatically, in the background with the user blissfully unaware that anything's going on (hopefully) - all they know is that their smartphone is, if anything, working better than it did the previous week and much better than it did the previous month.

And, if they do venture into the Play Store then they'd have to tap on 'My apps & games' in order to see any waiting updates and would then need to tap on 'Update all'.

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