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Ms Lee Choo Neo, the founder of a Chinese Ladies Association, lobbied for the right of females to live a more enriching life.

The Association taught domestic skills, supported education for females, and sponsored a rescue home for women.

By Zhang Jiayi In the early afternoon last Sunday (2 August, 2015) I dreaded my decision to go for a guided walk around Bukit Brown cemetery.

However, I have promised my friends that I will turn up, so grudgingly, I made my way to the meeting point for the walking tour.

the next time you come on a guided walk and Bianca is your guide, you can test her Mandarin!

She also speaks Dutch (of course), French, German, Swedish, and gets by in understanding Latin languages.

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I was deeply humbled by the number of times I widened my eyes in surprise as the volunteer guides (Brownies) dropped nuggets of trivia about prominent early Chinese immigrants.The trip was especially meaningful for me, as a female.I learned more about the contributions of early Chinese women to the cause of gender equality we have today.Three hours and a lot of mosquito bites later, it is a decision that I did not regret. All aspects of the tombs – from the layout, the materials used, the carvings and statues around the tomb – give us snippets of information about the individuals and the Chinese immigrant community in early Singapore.The tour shed light on the stories of the individuals; after the tour, the occupants of Bukit Brown turned from random people to dignified individuals who made a difference to the social reality we experience today.Not surprisingly, the local television channel 8 which broadcasts in Mandarin featured her in their programme recently.

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