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After the workshop concluded, Griffin said the reaction she saw from students was exactly what she hoped for.

“I hate to say it, even though it’s a good thing, they were very scared,” said Griffin. I hate to put that on her, but that was something that we really wanted to drive home, that this is for real, and it is scary and it needs to be prevented.” David Cooke, District Attorney for the Macon Judicial Circuit, has made it a priority to break up sex trafficking rings in Middle Georgia.

Last December, Arthur Gerald Reid of Macon pled guilty to federal charges of sex trafficking of children.

In his plea agreement, Reid, known as “Boopy” on the street, admitted that he prostituted 3 juveniles from various motel rooms in Macon and Tybee Island, through, an erotic services website.

Atlanta has the largest underground sex economy of any city in America.

That's according to a report released in March by the Urban Institute. As major highways like I-75 flow through Atlanta, so does the city’s sex trafficking.

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