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I'll include acceptable formats in the "no results" message in the next revision of the site.

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Advertising placements on this new project really mars it. Also this search field appears 3 times on the main page: which is doubly confusing. Incorrect Data: Just wanted to make an initial note — the data on the site will improve over time.The other thing about the new version is that with the search box, what do you type in? I think both concepts, a database listing and an interactive map, need to be looked at in combination. I've had to write many scripts to collate and combine data from multiple sources and sometimes... Please report any incorrect data so I can fix things up. Just need to figure out a nice way to present them all. Yes, it is a rather annoying side of the site at the moment as it's unable to search cross-tables.Still, it's a work in progress, and sure to resolve these issues. Everything was written from the ground up and self managed — which makes the data and layout much easier to maintain in the long run.Your site is getting around now JX :) Anthony Agius ‏@decryption 5m “Whirlpool user has created an NBN rollout tracker – see the FSAMs in your region and their progress” Nifty.Retweeted by Nick Ross – ABC Tech It's there: Bourkelands NSW 2650Area information This is the NBN rollout activity in your area.But constant tweaking and reports of incorrect data will hopefully fix this.

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