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My father recently started working and now helps me and my brother, but I still cannot figure out how we survive.

My mother was always dependent on other family members because she has only one year of work experience, and despite all of the problems that our family had she never contributed to the family income.

“Those people did the right thing.” THAI MAN HANGS BABY DAUGHTER ON FACEBOOK LIVE THEN COMMITS SUICIDE The news follows additional moves by Facebook to monitor and remove gruesome videos from the social media site.

The company has hired 3,000 additional workers to help monitor content.

I’ve since worked for various organisations, such as the non-governmental organisation 'Akhalgazrduli Initsiativa - Chaerte' ('Youthful Initiative - Involve') in 2012.

After my parents divorced, our family, which consists of four people – my mother, my grandmother, my little brother and myself - had no income.

FACEBOOK CLAMPS DOWN ON SICK VIDEOS, BRINGS IN 3,000 ADDITIONAL REVIEWERS Facebook has reeled from a string of livestreamed attacks and other crimes that haven't been stopped in time.

However, in this case, law enforcement got several calls that led them to the teen’s home within 30 minutes. “It’s a good thing that the people watching this called it in,” Bibb County Sheriff David Davis told The Telegraph.

She doesn’t have problems in her family and her husband is understanding.

While growing up, I’ve seen her studying and working hard.

It could have been more tragic.” The Georgia teen had taken pills and placed a plastic bag over her head before she was reached, Sgt. The girl, who still had a pulse after medics removed her from the home, was taken to a hospital and was stable on Wednesday.

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