Teens tips on dating older men

A whole new and enchanting world opens up to teens as sexuality and romance loom large during the adolescent years.

It needs to be defined and presented positively, giving room for experimenting in safe and appropriate ways.However, for many parents, sexuality is one of the most uncomfortable subjects they face during child-rearing.Despite this hesitancy, parents need to rise to the occasion, because their teens desperately need information and guidance.Most school curricula is not comprehensive enough, and does not touch on the values piece that is so important in helping teens put the facts into a context with which you will be comfortable.You will probably have little direct control over what your teen does or doesn’t do. The sexual decisions they make will be a combination of their readiness, their impulses and ability to control these impulses, and your values.Make a logical case for postponing intercourse – it can be dangerous (STD’s, HIV), there may be negative emotional reactions such as jealousy, embarrassment, insecurity, heartbreak, and there can be social consequences such as damage to reputation, unkind rumors and loss of friends.

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