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The Embassy encourages the submission of unique and creative proposals from a wide variety of sources.

Please follow the link to the right of this page to get more information on the 2017 Small Grants Programme in Nigeria and for details on how to submit your application in English.

Please note that the Grants Committee only accepts applications by email.

Opening date and time: Midnight Wednesday 22 February 2017 Closing date and time: Midnight Wednesday 26 April 2017 Grant applications are accepted every year.

Applications are regularly reviewed and evaluated for award based on the proposed activity’s linkage to Embassy priority goals.

The potential contribution of the selected activity would be to increase the understanding of Swedish values and promote sustainable projects across both countries.

Small Grants Programme (SGP) The Embassy of Sweden in Abuja is introducing a flexible small grants programme to allow for partnership with one registered non-governmental organisation on activities that promote Sweden in Nigeria.

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