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The new tab provides information on the total number of blocked encryption attempts, affected devices, and ransomware detections.SHA-2 Support Worry-Free Business Security now supports certificates signed with SHA-2.

After this release is applied, Worry-Free Business Security opens the Messaging Security Agent (MSA) web console on a new Internet Explorer tab.The installation program performs a complete, sequential, fresh installation of the following releases: Worry-Free Business Security 9.0 Service Pack 1 Worry-Free Business Security 9.0 Service Pack 3 For Standalone Package: Be sure to install or upgrade to Worry-Free Business Security 9.0 Service Pack 2 before installing this service pack.Download the installation packages for version 9.0 and this service pack at: Worry-Free Business Security - Advanced 9.0:All new Trend Micro products use a new multi-digit format for displaying the numbers of pattern files.Customers using older products must either update or apply the New Pattern File Numbering Format Service Pack to their products as soon as possible to ensure receipt of new multi-digit format pattern files.By default, Internet Explorer applies Medium-low security levels for intranet sites and Medium security levels for sites in its Trusted Sites list. Contact Trend Micro via fax, phone, and email, or visit our website to download evaluation copies of Trend Micro products. Trend Micro, Worry-Free, and the Trend Micro t-ball logo are trademarks of Trend Micro Incorporated and are registered in some jurisdictions.

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