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The adult male was identified as “Patriot.” He was born at the Pulliam Power Plant nest site in Green Bay, WI, and was banded on May 29, 2007, by Greg. “Patriot” was born at the Pulliam Power Plant nest site in Green Bay, WI, and was banded on May 29, 2007, by Greg Septon.His color band is (b/g) E/36 and has made the Briess Manitowoc Elevator his home for the last several years.Each of these tasks has fifty questions, in which the participant is either watching 3–5 second silent clips of actors portraying an emotion (facial task), or listening to short sentences, spoken in a particular emotional intonation (vocal task).After watching the clip/listening to the voice recording, the participant is presented with four adjectives and is asked to choose the word that best describes how the person is feeling.Anyway, I was doing some mowing and clipped the “Starr Ranch’s Bell Creek” cam cable by accident, so that will be off until I get back.And I’ll likely put that feed on something else when I do.So, once the BNOW fledglings are no longer returning to the cavity and it’s vacant for a while – which is what typically and eventually happens – I will go up there and install a new camera (the one that’s there is REALLY old), In the meantime, the cavity is being partially “lit up” by the infrared LED’s from the PTZ cam, so that’s why you can still see a little bit there at night. However, as we approach the end of April, the “2017 Starr Ranch Birdathon Month”, I’m really hoping you will consider making a pledge.

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Since it had been overcast skies, it was difficult to get a clear reading on the new female’s band, but with much certainty, the female has been identified as “Valcor” (b/g) N/22. In 1972 the use of the pesticide DDT, the main cause for the population decline of these birds, was banned, clearing the path for repopulation efforts. Dave Luckow, veteran ops manager at the Manitowoc operation, said it took awhile for peregrines to locate and use the nest.

Valcor was born in Chicago, IL at the Wrigleyville nest site in 2013. While the Peregrine population had been completely eradicated east of the Mississippi River by the late 1960s, today there are an estimated 1,650 breeding pairs in the U. Greg reported that happened in 1998, and Peregrine Falcons have been nesting there successfully ever since.

The Manitowoc nest box was installed around 1992, according to Greg. Since its occupation the site has produced 56 Peregrine Falcons.

A juvenile falcon will have heavy vertical, tawny colored marks throughout the underside.

These young falcons also have a dark brown colored upper-side, which is quite different from the bluish-gray color of an adult peregrine falcon.

In the meantime, some European Honeybees rediscovered the box and apparently are deciding to call it home again. Nonetheless, those of you who pledged will still get a chance to guess a species. Again, I’ll shortly be emailing the link to do this as well as other Birdathon followup.

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