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'If the UAE think this is going to blow over, they are wrong,' Mr Mc Govern said.'If we stand for human rights we have to speak out, even against human rights violations in countries that may be our friends or are strategically located.'You need to condemn torture wherever you see it.'Last week the Abu Dhabi Justice Department said: 'The Government of Abu Dhabi unequivocally condemns the actions depicted on the video.'The Human Rights Office of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department believed that the matter was resolved between the two parties and no criminal charges were brought by either party, it said.This is VERY important in Sharjah and Ajman where Shariah law is strictly enforced.Despite the fact that harassment of female travellers does occur in the UAE (although admittedly only rarely) harassment of women is illegal in the UAE.

Just to be clear, yes, sex between unmarried couples is considered illegal in the UAE.Dress codes are enforced by legal authorities and dressing in a "provocative manner" generally attracts other unwanted attention.If you're not sure what dress style is appropriate, have a look at what the local people are wearing and ask for some advice.Western-allied UAE, the world's third-largest oil exporter, is a federation of seven 'emirates' each run by a ruling family that grants few political rights to UAE citizens.The Nahayan's are the ruling family of Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital.Harassment includes unwanted touching, conversation, insults, rude gestures, glaring, shouting, stalking, and just about anything you would normally consider to be rude basically.

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