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Katie speni time BS an intern in the Dean*s Office where the Dean could "make people feel they have a place and someone to talk to." After graduation, this en- thusiasm lor helping college undergraduates landed Ms Sieelc a job at Middlebury. That's where you make a differ- ence in someone's life, when they trust you and can come talk to you." This past year before arriving al Sewanee, Katie received her ten. When 1 first heard aboul Katie while working here this summer. "How could a young post- graduate well educated Yan- kee meander her way to this Mountain of the South 9 " It turns out that Dean Pearigen and Michelle Thompson hap- pened to entice her with very "natural "and personal inter- views at a large conference last spring.where she enjoyed a "Head-Resident" status from '99 to '01. You may have seen her at the end ol last March when she stayed at Rebel's Rest (imagine being a Yankee in tins context) and received just a little of what Sewanee has to offer.Resi- dential Life is located Mi-s trom the Registration Office.Kane Steele has : taken tins new peri lion as Director, ef- fectively replacing ilie gap left by Daniel Richard's depanure 1 last Spring Her du- nes include taking care of the Proctors, Assistant Proc- inrs. Programs (like coordi- nating with Student Activities), day-to-day house- keeping ol the Res Life Office, and fulfilling the Head Resident position al Hodgson.To complement the Medieval theme last suum supplemental made to more than a dozen Me- ; itt 1 £ Bon Voyage Sewanee Summer in France building on professional and pi snnal relationships with British ai American tutoi i dievah alen Uin Dr Clark's Art History cd Wse sftdied Canter- bury Cathedral in class and days standing in its nave; a ,| somewhat exhausting lecture ries on Anglo-Norman relatio culminated in a three day excur- sion to the Medieval town Bruges and Ghent in Belgium Two summers ago, following the 19th and 20th century theme, the program provide*! It was two and halfweeksofan intense non iadic lifethal I would not trade tor the wortd Thc language barrier was severe Chinese is a tonal language with thousands of foreign chaff BCte O that look and sound completely alien 10 the Western eye and ear You can'l read it, ) oil can't understand it and nothing is in English.In- temanonal In Kels are not even equipped to liandle English speakers [( | bad m i knowing any ( nlneee except "hello," "thank you." "bottoms up!

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mi and n i traditions and improve theii financial situ ition Affiliation with a national fratemit) does insure certain benefits noi available to locals and a time has ■ ademii i • lion ol campu • While nothing has been decided foi mn yd then i most likely a movi inthi futun for Phi Most prominentonthelistofoptionsisthepossibililj ol moving thi Phis into the alumni hi md likewise making the current Phihouw the alumni house rhis would make il mm ocure funding for renovations to the structun us well a putun ilyinabutl i might help (hem reconnect with some alumni who ha .c grown distant since Phi went local.So : t) will most likel) be bettei ofl in thi St wanci forward to ■nil the Phi Delta Theta tradition tm| us when il adds n national fratt mit) bad nem What the future holds for Phi is uncertain butitshistor) indinflu on t npus " ill hi pefull) thrive in its new situation New York Alumn Speaks on The American Tragedy by Lashonda Williams Staff Writer On September 9. ' Wnii ni thai said, thi • hid sent me on my way and weni bai I to the busi- 1 in i. blottei siafl i d tiki i wi Icome back and ha l i mil next tii i n.i term in bi ' ii ■■ through in blotti i thai we all American Tragedy- Continued from Page 1 Katherine Avery speaks about her 9/11 experience evei yone In i losing, Riddel] also asked the audience in he "gentle" to others I ike John, .i Roman Catholic volunteer w lm embraced Si Paul's as his ov n I I- 1 •-. " Avery insisted thai we embrat e thi e\ ents oi 9/1 1 in it u Nevi York's storj bul .i America's story \. ii 'life is fragili thai she is blessed to be alive She realized thai anyone i ould h.i M' been among the nun m expensh e business suns jump from thi w indow s," oi been in the lu i s in ferno' thai consumed a young woman's fathei \the backdrop ol an emotionall) debili tating tragedy, the strength ol b peop emerged.two days before the one-year anniver- sary ol the event that tri\ ialized ihe value of human life. i \ learned to identify a ith the \ ic urns who sun ived the hi. Thousands i iki Vven \ Pholo by Nelson Rockwood Post-discussion talk at the Women's Center First Pinnacle Luncheon is a Huge Success Eliza Colson Guest Writer Ti he women's center began theii pinnacle luncheon series lasi Tues- da) withfoui Sewanee students dis- *.However, the most enjo able and important pan of her job is talking one- , in with siudc'ius I know u seems nuts, that a staff member would not only consider talking to students the most impor- tant part of their job as well as the most enjoyable, but Uut is Kane Steele in a nutshell - "seems nuts " Her first "Job.job" was working for Bath and Body Works, but she discovered quickly that sales was not liersmmgsuit Uponlalking with her lor a lairamouni if On ie, you would think she could relate to an) me sell anything, and give anyone a most pleasant con- versation or shopping experience.I 0t t i n u e s "Student activism, though, is an equally important tenet of our education at Sewanee.

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