Updating bios shuttle


I tried installing and running XBMC before I had installed the proprietary NVidia drivers to see how it would fare on ION without GPU acceleration - it was completely unusable.Fortunately installing the NVidia proprietary drivers was straightforward and now XBMC works with no performance issues.I bought a Shuttle XS35 specifically to use as a media centre for my lounge room.Installation of Ubuntu 10.10 was a breeze up until it was time to reboot.Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (x86_64) on XS35GT, wired Ethernet.(no WLAN needed) Dug out my old 2011 Shuttle XS35GT w/win7 in order to re-commission it as a open HAB server.

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I managed to get it open using a pin in the "emergency eject" pinhole of the drive. Next thing I found is that Ubuntu would not auto-detect my Wireless LAN.

I am puzzled that it partly worked at all without lirc ... In summary, so far everything has been awesome except the wireless problem, which is a serious pain.

Here's a copy of the 1.09 bios you need to get the wifi to work.

On the server editions the ethernet is not detected either.

I have seen posts on getting the wireless working with a flash of the bois but I still haven't managed to get this working even with the new bois. In the bare-bones machine I put 2G of RAM and a cheap Seagate Momentus 250G HD.

This seems to be a problem in BIOS 1.08 as shipped with the box (as mentioned above).

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