Updating client hardware definitions

They relate to user authentication, as opposed to host keys that are used for host authentication.For more information, see the dedicated page on identity keys.It allows device authentication keys to be rotated and managed conveniently and every connection to be secured.One of the unique features of SSH is that by default, it trusts and remembers the host's key when first connecting to it.

The resulting ease of deployment was one of the main reasons SSH became successful. As long as host keys don't change, this appoach is very easy to use and provides fairly good security.For more information, see the separate page on session keys.Key based authentication in SSH is called public key authentication.The advantage of standard-based certificates is that they can be issued by any certificate authority (CA), whereas no reliable CAs exist for Open SSH keys.See the dedicated page on certificates with SSH for more information.See the separate page on host keys for more information.

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