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Assignment Considerations Army assignment managers are required to consider special needs and assign soldiers with EFMs to areas where needs can be met whenever possible.

However, assignment decisions are based on valid personnel requirements for a soldier’s grade and occupational specialty, and all soldiers enrolled in EFMP must remain eligible for unaccompanied assignments worldwide.

This will depend upon a valid personnel requirement for the Soldier’s grade, specialty and eligibility for the tour.

Soldiers who are enrolled in EFMP are still subject to worldwide assignments, and like any other Soldier, may be called upon to serve an unaccompanied tour.

When Army EFMs are identified at a Navy or Air Force MTF, enrollment can be initiated by forwarding DD 2792 and DD 2792-1 to the nearest Army MTF EFMP office.

Enrollment allows assignment managers at Army personnel agencies to consider the documented medical and special education needs of exceptional Family members in the assignment process.

When possible, Soldiers are assigned to an area where the medical and special education needs of their exceptional Family member can be met.

The coordinator assists the family in arranging necessary evaluations and ensures DD 2792 and DD 2792-1 are completed by a physician or authorized medical practitioner and properly signed.

School personnel may complete the DD Form 2792-1 and attach a copy of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Screening also is required when an accompanied sponsor is reassigned from one overseas location to another or requests command sponsorship when he/she is already overseas serving an unaccompanied tour.

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