Usain bolt dating reality show star


Usain Bolt's longtime girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, has mostly kept mum about the viral photographs of the world's fastest runner seemingly cheating on her with multiple women.With the exception of a couple tweets, Bennett seems to have decided to deal with the matter in private - but, as a few people have noticed, her likes on Twitter paint a pretty good picture of how she's feeling about the whole thing., Bennett has liked multiple tweets from people offering their support, occasionally at Bolt's expense.Bennett, after pictures surfaced that claim to show Bolt getting close to another woman.Bolt turned 30 this past weekend and was spotted out celebrating his birthday—and probably all of those Olympic wins.Usain Bolt’s 30th birthday celebrations may have gone too far this weekend.The world’s fastest man is in hot water for allegedly cheating on his long-term Jamaican girlfriend, Kasi J.

“A lot of people will try to attack her, so I tell her to just take it easy and let’s make sure that you’re ready for this." " data-reactid="25"Bolt has been quiet about his relationship in the past, telling journalist Ian Boyne in January that while he’s been dating the “uptown Jamaican girl” for nearly three years, he wants to keep their coupling private.“That’s what I want for myself,” he said, speaking of marriage and children – of which he wants three.“I can’t put a time-frame on it – when I find the right girl, I would definitely get married.But I have to make sure it’s the right girl.”" data-reactid="29"He told Boyne that early on in their relationship, he asked her to be honest about her past with him because “the press would find out.” He also said he’s only officially had three or four girlfriends in the past, and seeks stability in his relationships.But I have to make sure it’s the right girl.”As for what attracted Bolt to Bennett to begin with? “One of the things that stands out is the buttocks area,” he told Boyne. “When,” she said. " data-reactid="19"He may be the fastest man alive, but it looks like one special lady has caught Usain Bolt’s heart.

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