Validating a web form in php


In any case, let the user know that: A) an error occurred, B) they weren’t charged, and C) what to do next.I’d also have the system email you (or the site administrator) because it means something’s amiss.(And, frankly, it’s pretty much standard to do e-commerce in cents anyway.) The currency is a three-letter ISO code in lowercase, such as You can optionally provide a “description” value.This is something you’ll be able to use to associate other information with the charge.

Putting this altogether, here’s a charge: That code does assume that all the validation routines have been passed, the amount has been set in cents, and all of the variables have proper values.In an earlier post in this series, I covered how you create an HTML form for securely handling payments via Stripe.In the previous post, I walked through the Java Script that goes with that form.As explained in that post, thanks to the library, the proper HTML, and a bit of Java Script, you can easily and securely handle payments on your site without getting mired in the PCI compliance muck.The secret is the library: it sends the customer’s payment information from the client to Stripe’s server and returns a token that Stripe associated with that payment information.Add the following to your project’s file: This does assume you’ve installed Composer and generally know what you’re doing in this area.

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