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You no longer need the old work around of using , Visual Basic used to look up the namespace "Threading", discover it was ambiguous between System. Year-first Date Literals You can have date literals in yyyy-mm-dd format, .

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These operators help you write less code to handle null checks, especially for descending into data structures.NET 2008Language Integrated Query (LINQ), XML literals, local type inference, object initializers, anonymous types, extension methods, local type and helper types (access to app, computer, files system, network) Visual Basic / Visual Studio .NET 2003Bit-shift operators, loop variable declaration Visual Basic / Visual Studio . NET Tuples Tuples are a lightweight data structure that most commonly is used to return multiple values from a single method call.That is, when the calling method receives a value returned by reference, it can change the value of the reference.Visual Basic does not allow you to author methods with reference return values, but it does allow you to consume and modify the reference return values.The VBA tutorials range from simple code syntax examples to more complex programming tasks such as APIs and dynamic programming with global variables.

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