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Through the Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) extension it can also validate against the WS-I Basic Profile 1.1, Simple SOAP Binding Profile 1.0 and Attachments Profile 1.0.

The WSDL validator, available in all WTP downloads, is located in plug-in org.wsdl.validation.

tool to validate the WSDL file and to ensure schemas are well defined.

This tool is helpful if you have created the WSDL file from scratch and want to validate it for correctness.

If you have created a WSDL file through the Web services wizard the WSDL that is generated should be valid.

However, if you have imported a WSDL file, or if you are creating a WSDL file, you should validate the WSDL to ensure it is valid.

To validate your WSDL, complete the following steps: Any problems encountered while validating the file will be shown in the Tasks view.

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Corrections and additions to this page can be made by anyone with an Eclipse bugzilla account or can be reported here.Whent the wsdl is validated, Xml Validating Reader validates content of xs:any URI by converting them to CLR System. Xml Validating Reader works around some relative paths but not all.That is the reason you are seeing the validation errors.The WSDL validator provides the method Using this method you can add a resolver to locate the schemas.The resolver can be as simple as a pointer to the local or remote location of the schemas or can be more complex such as the URI resolution framework included in WTP.Thanks, Priya "dot Netty" -Tag to the Xml Validating Reader. and here is the Problem: Some wsdl-Files that should work(according to XMLSpy) produce Validation Errors when: 1. ) Expression, for example: Do you know if this is WSDL Standard conform?

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