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But you didn’t ask for reality, you asked for more teeth.” One doesn’t need much more information than that to feel at home here.

When the Indominus runs amok in Jurassic World, as we know it will, its capture falls to the likable and brave trainer, Owen (Chris Pratt).

All of those clichés aside, Jurassic World is a wonderfully rendered entertainment, with every penny of its 0-million budget visible on the screen.

Howard and Pratt make the kind of compelling team we wouldn’t mind seeing again in the sequels already being planned.

Audiences, too, reaped the benefits of a script didn’t back down from a little controversy.

The only things truly new in Uni’s comprehensive “30Anniversary Trilogy” package is a fourth disc dedicated to two hours’ worth of featurettes and additional content.

Otherwise, the three Blu-ray presentations, already upgraded once, retain the previously available supplementary material, of which there is plenty.

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Less entertaining are the myriad product placements, ranging from Mercedes to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant chain. If the writers had wanted to make a meaningful statement, they might have linked Indominus’ love of genetically modified grain for its monstrous size and temperament.

It includes “Doc Brown Saves the World,” an all-new short featuring Christopher Lloyd; “Outatime: Restoring the De Lorean,” an inside look at the extensive 2012 restoration of one of three De Loreans used in the film, but left for years to deteriorate; “Looking Back to the Future,” a nine-part retrospective documentary, from 2009, on the trilogy’s legacy; two 1991 episodes from “Back to the Future: The Animated Series” (“Brothers” and “Mac the Black”), featuring live-action segments with Lloyd as Doc Brown; and newly minted “commercials” for properties seen in Back to the Future II, including are “Jaws 19” and “Hoverboard.” Somehow, I managed to overlook the release of Disney/Pixar’s highly ambitious and thoroughly entertaining Inside Out when it finally dropped domestically on June 19.

By that time, though, the 5-million animated feature had already been showcased at festivals in Cannes, Seattle, Sydney, L. It also had opened theatrically in Egypt, the UAE, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and a couple dozen other far-flung places before American audiences got a crack at it.

Even so, Trevorrow doesn’t appear to have been required to recall much from “The Lost World” and “JPIII,” which is just as well.

Early on in Jurassic World, uptight theme-park executive Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), quips, “Face it, no one is impressed by a dinosaur, anymore.” A bit later, BD Wong’s Dr.

Things get even worse when she fails to make a smooth transition to her new school.

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