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And if the "answers available" date isn't in the future, they'll be able to get the answers.

Consider what you want to tell your students about your willingness to answer email in the hours before the due time.

NOTE: Don't put a period or underscore in the name of your problem set.

If any of your problems contain images, then students will have trouble printing them if there is a period in the name of your problem set. Similarly, if your problem includes an image, it will be a file ending in ".gif" and you don't want any other periods in that problem name either.

Make sure problem sets are "visible." If they aren't, the data describing them will be gray instead of black in the Hmwk Sets Editor.

You can fix this with the "Make selected sets visible" option on that page. If you have problems you can't resolve, ask for help on this - it is important to your students.

For most problems when entering numerical answers, you can if you wish enter elementary expressions.

The primary purpose of We BWor K is to let you know that you are getting the correct answer or to alert you if you are making some kind of mistake.

Usually you can attempt a problem as many times as you want before the due date.

At the same time, if you discover a problem that is bad after the set has been assigned, see marking a problem correct.

Once the problem set is created, if you go to Hmwk Sets Editor and click on the number under "Edit Assigned Users" you can then assign to all users.

Note that you can select how many problems to view at once, and that We BWor K needs to compile these problems.

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