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You've realized it's awfully difficult to displace Le Bron James from the top of the small forward rankings, even if plenty of young wings are gunning for his title.You've worked to find out whether Draymond Green or someone else sits atop the power forwards rankings, and you've seen which of the many up-and-coming centers fills in the premier spot for that positional hierarchy. We'll still be here with the final part of the series when you're done. By analyzing all aspects of the on-court work these players produced in 2016-17, we're here to put the top 100 overall players in order.The 39-year-old shooting guard is occupying a smaller role than ever for the San Antonio Spurs, but that's allowed him to stay remarkably efficient on a per-minute basis.He can still pick apart defenses with awe-inspiring creativity, and his detailed understanding of head coach Gregg Popovich's defensive schemes enables him to be in the right places at the right times. Danny Green, SG, San Antonio Spurs Basically the definition of a "three-and-D" wing, Danny Green rarely does anything that falls outside those two overarching categories.And even if he showed a newfound proficiency for hitting pull-up jumpers after a single dribble, his overall numbers still slipped after leading the league in three-point percentage last season.Redick took six shots per game from downtown and connected at a 42.9 percent clip, which would've looked much better if it wasn't coming in conjunction with fewer trips to the stripe and a drastically diminished ability to convert around the rim. Tobias Harris, PF, Detroit Pistons Two things are keeping Tobias Harris from potential stardom.But alas, availability is a skill in and of itself, and Lin's ability to boost the team's net rating by 4.2 points per 100 possessions when he was on the floor—all the way to a much-more-respectable minus-2.9—was partially negated by his inability to suit up in more than 36 contests. Nikola Vucevic, C, Orlando Magic The script flipped for Nikola Vucevic in 2016-17, as the center traditionally known for his offensive acumen and deft touch from the blocks/elbows suddenly found himself struggling on offense but thriving on defense. But his defense was legitimately troublesome off the ball, leading to a below-average finish in both ESPN.com's real plus/minus (RPM) and NBA Math's total points added.He never quite got his shot to fall, leading to a drop-off of 3.6 points per game from 2015-16, but he helped mitigate the damage by becoming a much more disciplined defender. That's partially due to context (covering up for Isaiah Thomas, taking on tough assignments, etc.), but Bradley was far less impactful this year, and his placement at No.

The young guard still experiences plenty of momentary mental lapses, but they're typically trumped by his preternatural skill as a shot-creator and distributor.He's a bona fide stopper against opposing shooting guards and small forwards, and he dropped in 37.9 percent of his deep attempts while taking 4.6 per game—6.2 per 36 minutes.He could stand to improve that percentage and start contributing in other facets, but the Spurs can't complain while he sticks to his specialities. Eric Gordon, SG, Houston Rockets At one point the favorite for Sixth Man of the Year in spite of his woeful defense, Eric Gordon spent the second half of the season backsliding.After the All-Star break, he averaged a mere 14.0 points, 2.7 rebounds and 1.9 assists while shooting 37.6 percent from the field and 33.9 percent from downtown.He'll need to regain his first-half level for the Houston Rockets to make a deep playoff run, and doing so would allow him to jet back up toward the top 50. Seth Curry, PG, Dallas Mavericks In his breakout season, Seth Curry thrived as a shot-creator and spot-up shooter for the Dallas Mavericks while also holding his own on defense.You've seen how the league's best point guards stacked up against one another, learning whether Russell Westbrook or James Harden reigned supreme and how far down in the pecking order Stephen Curry sits on the heels of back-to-back MVPs.

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