Who is young jinsu dating


On Thursday, rumors started flying around that 17-year-old Kendall Jenner is dating 21-year-old up-and-coming rapper Young Jinsu!

According to insider talks, Kendall and YJ met through mutual friends Jaden Smithand L’il Twist and they have been "hanging out all the time" and "they're just really feeling each other." The reason why they have apparently been keeping it secret was because they were waiting to go public for Kendall’s 18th birthday on November 3rd There’s even a photo he posted to his Instagram awhile ago (below) which looks like Kendall making a heart shape with her hands!

Kendall’s sister Kylie, 16, also posted the pic to her Instagram (Celebrating her sister’s love, perhaps? Let’s just hope these two Jenner kids have more sense in love than their older sisters.

As for what Justin said back to Jinsu I feel the same as I do with Jinsu, he was defending his girl and that's what he should be doing.

Kendall Jenner seems to be keeping up the Kardashian tradition of swirling.

No word on if those plans are still going forward now that everyone knows that these two are a couple, but it’s not like she should be ashamed of dating another guy.

Unless she’s a lesbian and feels offended whenever she hears the media saying she’s dating a black dude who she probably has never met in her life.

It has not even been a couple of months since NBA star Blake Griffin's break-up with his fiancee Brynn Cameron, and the romance speculations between Kendall Jenner and Griffin have taken over the media! However, Jenner is said to have been dating A$AP Rocky for quite some time now.

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