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Oz is a visual novel style Otome Game, full of fantasy, adventure, romance and friendship. Indulge yourself with large-scale love stories that are neither manga nor novels on your mobile devices.

Just tap your way through game and enjoy intimate moments with your favorite.

On the other hand, he has tendencies to be quick to speak and act before he thinks, and Crowlie and Heartmann often have to stop him.

Though he is human now, he can’t hold his animal instincts like hugging you and others. *A variety of unique male characters to choose from for your romantic partner: the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Lion.*Multiple endings for each character - the ending of the game changes depending on the choices you make in the episodes.*Dramatic scenarios filled with both the serious and comical moments.

Sturdy-built and strong, he has a regal presence as the king of beasts.After the journey in the Land of Oz, you, as a heroine, returned to your home in Kansas.Years had passed since then, and your 17th birthday was drawing closer. You’re the Otome (heroine) - in these love story games, you’ll experience romance in the virtual world with irresistible men.One day, three hot guys showed up at the front door of your house. ” Excited about the grand birthday celebration, you headed back to the Land of Oz with them. ”ATTRACTIVE CHARACTERS:*The Scarecrow - Crowlie Crowlie is one of your friends who went on the journey together; the Scarecrow who got brains from Oz.FOLLOW US: NTT Solmare (HQ: Osaka, Japan) is a company that strives to market the best dating apps for adults, virtual games for girls, and anime love games for free.

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