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On February 3, Regina set a North American record when temperatures reached negative 60 degrees celsius.

All highways in and out of the capital were blocked for 10 days, supplies in and out slowed, and people reportedly began travelling from their house to their shed via snow tunnel.

Twenty-five people died due to the storm and Montreal alone reportedly spent billion on cleanup. On February 11, the lake area near Prince George received a shocking 145 cm of snow, breaking the record for the largest 24 hour snowfall measured in Canada.

Toronto calls in the army (1999) Every major city seems to have its “snowstorm of the century,” and as we all know, Toronto’s resulted in then-mayor Mel Lastman infamously calling for military assistance to clear the roads.

A combination of 47 cm of snowfall and 110 km/h winds caused massive two-storey snowdrifts and left some areas without electricity for 10 days.

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