Wpf datatemplate binding not updating ricky martin dating news

If your Content Control is tracking the selection of an Items Control type, you can set the Path property of the Content Control binding to "" to indicate that you are interested in the current item.For an example, see Bind to a Collection and Display Information Based on Selection.

Another solution is to use the Content as in the first example, but add an explicit Data Context property to it before using any binding, something like this: In this case, though, you specify the Data Context as an ugly binding and, worst of all, you cannot set it via the Content Control, but you need to access the actual content.For example, instead of having is an attribute of your XML node).Now our List Box looks like the following: In the above example, we defined the Data Template inline.For more information on resources, see XAML Resources.To demonstrate why Data Template is important, let's walk through a data binding example.It is more common to define it in the resources section so it can be a reusable object, as in the following example: is a resource, you can now use it on other controls that have a property that takes a Data Template type.

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