Wsus not updating computer list


When we have issues with the ability to download updates and we’re experiencing errors relating to the software distribution store then try the following on the client: a.

Please see Print Screen1As per Above Print-screen Computer qnit086v2 has 96% installed updates.

In addition to WSUS 4.0, you must install the KB3095113 and KB3159706 patches on the WSUS server.

To use WSUS to manage all Windows updates, some organizations may need access to WSUS from a perimeter network, or they might have some other complex scenario.

WSUS allows companies not only to defer updates but also to selectively approve them, choose when they’re delivered, and determine which individual devices or groups of devices receive them.

WSUS provides additional control over Windows Update for Business but does not provide all the scheduling options and deployment flexibility that System Center Configuration Manager provides.

If you still have errors you can check the windows update agent version. You may also see that out of a group of these clients, only one appears at a time but the exact one that does appear may change over time.

If not then a couple possible causes include: To address this, you need to make sure that the group policy is successfully updated on each client and that the WSUS setting is properly configured.

For more information on this see the following Tech Net documentation: Configure Automatic Updates by Using Group Policy In case you are using a registry modification or local policy make sure that the same is applied.

The details on how to do this are here: you find that the agent is not up to date then you can update the windows update agent to the latest here: KB949104 – How to obtain the latest version of the Windows Update Agent to help manage updates on a computer For more information see can also use the utility provided in KB971058 that will help you to sort out most of the issues with the agent.

Once you’ve run the fix or updated the agent you can run wuauclt /detectnow and check the to make sure there is no issues.

The WSUS client agent may not report to the WSUS server for many reasons.

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