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She has been linked to different wrestlers, including Punk.Actually, CM Punk and Lita are rumored to have hooked up a couple of times.Edge won 31 titles over the course of his career and Beth was one of the well-loved Divas from the WWE.The two kept their relationship going for 5 or more years before finally getting married in October of 2016.Especially, if you were surrounded by tons of attractive and feisty wrestlers.Even world champion wrestlers aren’t strong enough to withstand that kind of torture!You wouldn’t want to get hit by Triple H, that’s for sure!

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We all know it’s scripted but fans still can’t get enough.

They’re both very serious about their careers and, coincidently, both from Ohio. He’s certainly made his way through the gorgeous ladies of the WWE and this time was no different.

They still haven’t gone public with the relationship but spend holidays together and post an awful lot of photos snuggled up together. Lita, the string-sporting, fiery red head famous for winning the WWE Women’s Championship on four separate occasions, also had a bit of a reputation for sleeping around.

There’s nothing worse than being the third wheel, and this sounds like the familiar annoyance of friends in a budding romance!

It makes sense that the two would eventually hook up. Actually, let’s be honest – who hasn’t CM Punk slept with?

The Lita-Edge-Hardy love triangle gave way to creative wrestling story lines that got the public hooked.

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