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It is a standalone on-demand virus scanner that needs no installation and will not conflict with other anti-virus software.It has all the functionality of the standard virus scanner, including Dr.

In addition to the above, custom, automated actions can be taken for any number of malicious items.

Cure infected files and place incurable files in quarantine.

Web Live Disk is a free bootable antivirus program that supports updates, is extremely simple to use, includes advanced options, and, in addition to scanning a whole hard drive, lets you selectively scan any file or folder you wish. Open the program once it has been downloaded and select the device you want to install Dr. Nothing needs to be installed to your computer for this to work because the burning software is completely portable. Web Live Disk from a disc, choose the other download link called Download to a CD/DVD.

La herramienta disponible en nuestro sitio web siempre contiene las últimas bases de firmas de virus, pero no dispone del módulo de actualización automática. la próxima vez con las últimas actualizaciones de las bases de firmas de virus, es necesario volver a descargar Dr. Después de registrar un número de serie para cada usuario de Dr. se le ofrece la posibilidad de acceso al área privada "Mi Dr. ." En el área Privada puede descargar las distribuciones de Dr. actualizadas regularmente durante todo el periodo de validez de la licencia.

desinfectará el sistema infectado una vez, pero no se considera un medio permanente para proteger el equipo contra los virus.

If you need to scan all or selected drives, select the custom scan mode and specify which files and directories you want to check for viruses and click Start scanning. When the scanning is finished, you can view the report and perform desired actions with quarantined files. does not require installation and is compatible with all known anti-virus software.

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