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When the OCS Inventory NG Agent is launched, it queries the Communication server using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.The server can answer “nothing” (not time for an inventory and no package to deploy), and the agent stops.

On Active Directory, you can do this using “Active Directory users and computers” tool, select “Profile” tab in user properties, and fill in “Session startup script”.Copy files “Ocs Logon.exe” to a shared folder somewhere in your network. Then add a call to “Ocs Logon.exe” in your users login script. @echo of echo Running system inventory, please wait…REM Call to OCS Inventory NG Launcher REM Using shared folder MY_SHARE on server MY_SERVER REM Using OCS Inventory NG server address ocs.using HTTP protocol (option /SERVER=) REM Install stand alone agent without service (option /NO_SERVICE) REM Ensure that at least Agent version is installed (option /DEPLOY) REM Configure Launcher and Agent to using HTTP proxy server on port 8080 (option /PROXY_TYPE, /PROXY and /PROXY_PORT) REM If needed, install agent silently (option /S) REM As /PACKAGER is not used, this script can only install agent if launched by a user having Administrator rights \MY_SERVER\MY_SHARE\Ocs /NO_SERVICE /S /SERVER= /proxy_type=1 /proxy= /proxy_port=8080 echo Done. Put this script named “ocs.bat” for example on your Domain Controller (in the folder “%WINDIR%\SYSVOL\Domain\Scripts” on Windows Controller, where “%WINDIR%” is usually “C:\WINNT” or “C:\Windows”).Otherwise, the server may answer that Agent has to: Note: The OCS Inventory NG Agent does not listen on the network.It only initiates communications to the server, so you do not have to open inbound port on a personal firewall.Fill in OCS Inventory NG Communication server URL, like

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