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"Now, go ahead and jack off for mommy, baby."I swear hearing her talk like that maybe harder than I had ever been before.So I got started, slowly stroking, then going very rapid, jacking myself off and I knew I was going to have an orgasm very soon, one of the quickest I had ever had, If I didn't stop and take a break, but I couldn't help it.How could I when my moms pussy was staring right at me.Then all of a sudden I heard from my mom, "Fuck it." and she pushed my hands away and leaned over and took my cock in her mouth.Just make sure their not clean ones, ok Again my jaw dropped. Through all of this, my cock started to get a little excited, and it was fully erect, making a tent under the sheets."Well, apparently you're liking what you're hearing." my mom said with a grin on her face.

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As the days went on, I wanted to try more and more taboo things.

life at 14 is not exactly the easiet time in a young persons life. But anyways my mom works alot to keep us in a decent living situation.

Espically if their is nothing special about you whatsoever. My mom and me live in an apartment in Florida, and my dad lives in Washington D. She hardly ever gets home from work before 7 p.m., and always gets to work around 8 a.m.

Then she shocked me even further by taking them off and handing them to me.

"Why don't you put these on and give your ole mom a show."My jaw dropped even more, if that was possible.

Again, all that could come out of my mouth was "ok."I pulled the sheets off of me, exposing my hard cock to my mom, but the entire time I couldn't take my eyes off her beautiful pussy.

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